When we launched The Gentleman's Code, our plan was to bring together the finer things in life that gives every gentleman the lifestyle that they deserve. As gentlemen, this goes beyond dressing well and treating others with respect. The Gentleman's Code is that of luxury and comfort as well as being the best version of ones self. 

One such brand that we are excited to have joined up with as an affiliate partner is Escobar Cigars. The brand is a statement of luxury and compliments the lifestyle of a gentleman. 

Escobar Cigars started in 2018 from a group of close longtime friends and in August 2021, the premium cigar brand brought on legendary musician Nas as a co-owner, who also works closely as a brand ambassador with Hennessy, Air Jordan and the NBA. Escobar Cigars are known for its two exceptional products, maduro and natural cigars, that are medium to strong bodied cigars with a perfectly smooth draw and a long lingering finish. The Cuban seeded and rolled cigars are handcrafted in Nicaragua, offering consumers 5 different options for both maduro and natural blends depending on the smoker's preferred taste and draw. After a complete rebrand including its edgy all-black cigar box with a redesigned “E” logo on a gold cigar band, Escobar Cigars has become the perfect choice for any gentleman to enjoy.

Here are a few words from Escobar about their brand and mission.

"An Escobar Cigar is smooth from the first puff to the last, with minimal throat burn and a finish that dissipates from your palate long before your next day begins.  

We know that when you smoke an Escobar Cigar you have made a commitment to enjoy it through its entire smoke. We aim to open the conversation about what the Escobar Cigar experience will be… You sitting around with friends or strangers smoking and sharing your enjoyment of Escobar Cigars while connecting with others on a deeper level. If we can all take the time to communicate and understand each other while savoring an Escobar Cigar, we might realize that we have far more in common than we ever thought.

Change comes with small adjustments. It is never easy, and it takes time. But if we all do our part, the world can be a much brighter and welcoming place.

Escobar Cigar excellence is what we do, in everything that we assemble, and everything we put our name on. Through our philanthropic efforts we aim to help the world as much as we hope to help others see what the world can be."

When asked why the Legendary NAS decided to join Escobar as a co-owner, he replied...

"I was immediately Drawn To The Brand By The Exceptional Quality Of Their Product" 

In another interview NAS mentioned that his alias, as many know, is also Escobar, making NAS and Escobar Cigars the perfect match.

As a true Gentleman in the way NAS dresses, does business, and presents himself, and the premium quality of the brand, we feel that Escobar Cigars is a perfect match for The Gentleman's Code as well.

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