Good evening ladies and gentlemen. What I am about to embark on in today’s article is something that I only recently started acknowledging with myself. It was brought to my attention in an article I read, and I instantly thought of how in today’s culture, this has definitely become a major issue. Not only for groups of friends and colleagues, but relationships as well. When was the last time you walked through a restaurant, and did not see at least one person with their eyes fixated on their phone, paying no attention toward their companion sitting across the table?  My guess is your answer is probably “five or ten minutes ago”.  This has become a site that most people deem as normal in today’s culture, and even for myself, has been something often overlooked.

If we have not already been self aware of this habit, as gentleman, it is time we start to acknowledge that this is not, nor should ever be acceptable at the dining table when accompanied by someone else. When you sit down to dine with a companion, it is also time to sit your phone down as well.

With the dependence we have on technology as a culture, this can be very hard task to accomplish, and I will be the first to admit this to be so. The key is, however, to be aware of the fact that you are ignoring your companion each time you answer a call, email, or text message on your phone.  I had this happen again this evening while at the dinner table with my wife and son. I was answering business messages while eating the fine cuisine that my lovely wife prepared for the family; quickly catching myself, and placing my phone to the side. Not only was I ignoring my family each time I answered a message, but I also gave the impression that I was not interested in my wife’s incredibly tasty meal.

Remember, sitting down with a companion, whether for breakfast, lunch, dinner, a coffee, or even a fine spirit, should be a mental queue to place your phone to the side, and enjoy your companions company.

Until Next Time Gents…