Good day Gentlemen, today's topic is on the subject of gossip. What once was something I thought only happened among grandmother's, or surrounding Hollywood celebrities, has appeared to have taken on a new direction since the age of social media. This past year, I have noticed far too many men dishing out the inside scoop about other people. When I was a kid, I was taught to never snitch, tattle, or whatever you might call it. Dishing out the inside scoop on someone was something a man, or a boy just did not do.

This code apparently has changed for some men over the years, because as I flip through the social media walls, I would swear TMZ has sent their staff to the local community to get the latest dirt.  Men have decided to jump in on their wives arguments and complaints, with comments toward other ladies splattered across their social media walls. Don't get me wrong, this is not the case for all men, and from what I have noticed, it's not a major issue. I'm just pointing out an issue that I have started to take notice to a little more in recent years. With the lack of face to face communication, it seams that some men have deemed it appropriate to join in on the tabloid mentality.

Gentlemen, there are definite times to defend your queen. If your lady is being disrespected by another man, of course you must stand your ground, and be damn sure he knows that is unacceptable. However, if your queen is having a disagreement with a female friend of hers, let that argument for the ladies. This is no area for a man to dip his toes in, or worse yet, jump into head first.

Until next time gents...