If you do not look to see if someone is behind you, and do not hold the door for the person following you into an establishment, consider me to be that person cursing you for your unadulterated lack of manners. Really, I mean, come on folks, this was something I was taught before I was even old enough to hold the door open for another person, but it seems to be a common courtesy that has skipped many folks, and quite possibly an entire generation. It is surprising to me how many times I see this exact scenario play out each and every day.

As a gentleman, I am sure to look back as I walk through any door to verify whether or not someone is entering the door behind me, and if there is someone following through, I will always, I repeat always hold the door for the person. This to me is a built in characteristic that every man who considers himself a gentleman must convey.

As this is something that irritates me to witness, I take notice to the fact that far too many people never hold the door for others, day in, and day out. What strikes me as even more torturing to watch is the number of people that let a door slam in the face of someone who is elderly. If I see an elderly person as far as the other side of the street, slowly walking in my direction, I will make it a point to hold the door while he or she finishes crossing the road, and enters the building; greeting them as they pass by. This my friends is common courtesy, and is a key characteristic for any gentleman. Another thing that strikes me as a bit surprising is the number of people that look at me and thank me in a state of shock and awe, as if they have never had a gentleman hold the door for them, or an elderly person that looks at me as if they have not witnessed this characteristic in a man since their teenage years.

We might not be able to change the entire worlds point of view when it comes to holding the door for others, but as true and honorable gentleman, we absolutely must uphold this to the highest regard in order to live out our day with chivalry.

Until next time gents…