Whether doing business, or on your personal time, there is something every gentleman must always remember. Give credit where credit is due, and always take the blame when you are at fault. To some, taking the blame might appear to be a sign of weakness, but it takes a true gentleman to admit fault. It also takes a true gentleman to feel confident enough to give credit to others when necessary. It is a most important gesture to always give credit to others and never take credit for something that you truly did not accomplish.

I’m sure many, if not all of you can think of a time when you worked diligently to complete an important task, only to have someone else on a team, in the office, etc. turn the project in and present himself or herself as the originator of the incredible work that you did. As a gentleman, no matter what the reward might be for presenting yourself as the one who deserves the credit, there is no room for misrepresentation. Your word, honor, and personal dignity are on the line.  None of which you can afford to damage for what may or may not be a short gain.

To be a stand up guy, and a true gentleman, always remember the importance of taking the blame and giving credit when the opportunities present themselves.

Until next time gents…