In recent years, there seems to be a growing misconception about the Pitbull breed of dogs. The majority of the population appears to be highly afraid of the breed, but for reasons that also appear not to be true. The Pitbull is known by many, especially the main stream media, as being aggressive and ruthless, as well as a danger to society. As I learn more about the breed,  I am finding this to not be the truth.

The Pitbull, it turns out, is a wonderful family dog. The Pitbull is gentle with children, highly loving, and very loyal. Threaten his domain or his family however, and the Pitbull will protect that in which he has loyalty to. If there were ever an animal that a true gentleman can learn from, it is that of the Pitbull and a few other K-9’s with similar characteristics, such as the German Sheppard. A man must be like a Pitt Bull; compassionate, and respectful, but also protective over family.

To be a gentleman is to fulfill a certain character.  That character shall never be filled with weakness, but instead, should consist of strength, honor, dignity, chivalry, compassion, respect, and etiquette that portrays a well rounded individual.  Just as the Pitbull, a gentleman knows when it is the right time to display the many characteristics that make up his temperament. We as true gentleman must be strong leaders and protectors of our domain as well as our family. Never to mistake gentlemanliness for weakness.

Until next time gents…