When I first started dating my wife, courting her, and showing her my absolute best of self was of high importance. Quite a few years later, showing her my best side still has high importance, however, in recent days, I have noticed some things that I have relaxed on.

When we were dating, dates were an important part of getting to know each other, but after dating for a while, and eventually getting married, date nights seemed to get less and less frequent. As we finished up college together, began our careers together, and started a family together, these date nights continued to get increasingly harder to fit into our already full schedules. This past year, however, we began setting time for date nights to catch a musical, play, dance production, or a few drinks. It is an important part of any relationship, no matter how long you have been a couple. It is a sure fire way to show your lady that you are a gentleman, and that she still means the world to you. Don't ever think that you have been together long enough that she should know that she means the world to you. Make sure you always display to her how much it truly means to have her in your life.

Another item that I caught myself slacking on, and have quickly set out to resolve is opening/closing the car door for my lovely  lady. As life gets busy, it is far too easy to jump into the vehicle in the heat of the rush, and forget to open the car door for your lady. This is unacceptable  behavior, and the moment you catch yourself slipping, immediately make it a mental note to change this habit quickly. A gentleman always opens the car door for the lady he is escorting to a destination, whether it is a first date or sixty years of marriage, if your lucky enough to be married that long, and walking your lady to the car. Gents, there are some things in life that a man must do to keep his Chivalry badge of honor. Be a gentleman and treat your lady as such.

Until next time gents…